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"Wave processes in inhomogeneous and nonlinear media "
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The interrelation a builder of the project is ensured with unity of scientific - educational subjects of the project, unity of the approach to the solution of conceptual scientific-technological problems of the project, through integration of the goals of three principal components, and also structure of REC management, directional on security of reaching of the formulated goals.

REC management includes REC Council and its management. The composition of REC Council is entered by 11 person: rectors of VSU and MIREA, director of the project, three chiefs of principal components of the project (research, educational and external linkages component), chiefs of three basic scientific directions, on one representative from financing organizations and administrations of regions.

REC Management consists of director of the project, the coordinator, the financial manager and the clerk. Director of the project is the manager of REC credits, ensures blanket continuous management of REC, realization of solutions of REC Council, fulfilment of REC budget and represents REC in all organizations. Director of the project is the pro-rector, but SRW VSU by virtue of character of the operation has enough time for realization of duties of director of the project.

Chiefs of REC components ensure a blanket management on directions of activity and bear the responsibility for realization plan of operation REC on directions.

Within the framework of three basic directions of scientific activity Councils of directions are organized from among conducting the executors of the project and chiefs of research end education laboratories