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"Wave processes in inhomogeneous and nonlinear media "
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One of the primary goals of the Center is the directed development of relations in the field of science and education with the scientific research institutions of the Russian Academy of Science, institutions of higher education, the regional research-and-production organizations, foreign scientific and educational institutions related to the REC areas of research.

Moscow institute of radio engineering, electronics and automatics (technical university), Federal science and production Center “Voronezh scientific research institute of communication”, Design office of chemical production automation, Committee of natural resources of Voronezh region, Administration of the Voronezh region are the partners of the REC.

The plan of external relations development is based on the existing system of research and academic relations of the REC participants both with Russian, and with foreign partners in the field of science and education and on the establishment of new contacts necessary for the implementation of the REC program.

Research of volumetric and thin-film nonlinear dielectric and magnetic materials is carried out together with A.F.Ioffe Physical and Technical Institute of the Russian Academy of Science, Catholic University of. Nijmegen (Netherlands), Cambridge University, Martin Luther University (Germany). With these institutions the work is now performed supported by international grants, as well as with University of Colorado, Auckland University and University of the Western Virginia (USA).

Joint work in the field of acoustic and radio wave processes will be carried out together with Institute of Radio Techniques and Electronics of the Russian Academy of Science, Ecole Centrale de Lille (France), Acoustic Institute and with Institute of Applied Physics of the Russian Academy of Science, Institute of Oceanography (Boston, USA), the Joint Institute of Physics of the Earth of the Russian Academy of Science and Geophysical service of the Russian Academy of Science.

Within the framework of the project the cooperation with NRL (Naval Research Laboratory USA) has been established. The further cooperation with Research Radio Physical institute (Nizhniy Novgorod) and Nizhniy Novgorod State University is carried out in the area of ionospheric propagation of radio waves and the development of information communication methods on the basis of stochastic and super broadband wave processes.

The REC activities in the field of laser radiation interaction with gas media is based on close cooperation with Nebraska University (USA), Université P. et M. Curie (Paris) and Trieste University (Italy). The cooperation with these Universities is complemented by the activities within the framework of Cooperation Contracts and Joint Grants INTAS-RFBR and INTAS. The development of new schemes of soft x-ray generation is carried out together with Texas University (Austin, USA).

Implementation of mathematical research under the REC plans is based on extension of works in the field of periodic and oscillatory processes studies using methods of the nonlinear, global and multiple-valued analysis, carried out by VSU in compliance with the Cooperation Contract with the University of Florence and the of the Russian Academy of Science Institute for Problems of Control within the framework of the joint laboratory.

The REC participants have organized over 10 scientific and academic conferences since the start of the Project.

Thanks to the stable structure of the foreign relations the fundamental researches carried out by the REC are quite naturally integrated into the leading national and international scientific research of the relevant profile.

Stirring up of research that resulted from the support, received in the framework of the REC enabled VSU to get several other additional national and international grants and other sources of funding for the scientific and educational activities relevant to the REC subjects (individual CRDF grants, INTAS grants, grants from Landau foundation, IREX grants and others).

Within the educational component the work on designing a joint Russian-American education program is carried out in the field of physics and mathematics with the participation of four US universities (Kansas State University, University of Nebraska Lincoln, Kent State University, University of Toledo), Voronezh State University and Moscow Institute of Radio Engineering, Electronics and Automatics. Cooperation contracts have been concluded with three Universities of People's Republic of China and one university of Malaysia. In 2002 Voronezh State University was accepted in the European Association of Universities. Relations and an exchange of students and graduate students under the contracts with two US Universities are extended. The establishment of relations with Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Stanford University, University of Iowa, National Institute of Standards and Technologies (Maryland, USA) is intended.

Development of relations with the scientific research and academic institutes, the research-and-production organizations takes place in the course of implementation of joint scientific research, including international programs and grants, via joint education programs, publication of scientific works with participation of foreign partners, reports at conferences together with the other Russian institutes and with foreign participation, via training the REC participants in the leading Russian and foreign centers, via exchanges of teachers and students with foreign Universities.