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"Wave processes in inhomogeneous and nonlinear media "
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Research and education center of VSU “Wave processes in inhomogeneous and nonlinear media” declares competitions of grants for young scientists in three age groups: students, post-graduate students and young scientists (in the age of till 35 years), training or working in high schools Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation, - for 2-nd half-year 2003.

Magnitude of the individual grant of the winner will depend on number of the winners detected by jury of competition in each age group.

For participation in competition by the interested person it is necessary to give the request for a solution of a concrete fundamental or application problem on one of the following directions:

  1. Definition of performances of nonlinear interaction of magnetoacoustic waves in feeble ferromagnetics;
  2. Making the theory volumetric and ground waves, experimental and theoretical study of nonlinear appearances in ferroics on the basis of the theory of singularities and critical phenomenas;
  3. Development of methods of ultrasonic diagnostics of materials of electronic technique with use of an appearance of a wavefront reversal;
  4. Development of methods of a ultrasonic tomography of a shelf band of ocean and continental lithosphere;
  5. The analysis of nonlinear appearances in atomic gases in a field of the strong laser radiation;
  6. Development of a polarizable - optical quality monitoring of nonlinear gas mediums and thin-film heterostructures;
  7. Distribution of radiowaves to an ionosphere and handling of the information;
  8. Examination of mathematical models and the nonlinear equations circumscribing wave processes in inhomogeneous and nonlinear mediums;
  9. Development of mathematical methods of a solution of an inverse problem of wave diagnostics of the composite systems;
  10. Preparation of educational and methodical materials (including in the multimedia shape) on REC subjects.

The request (up to 2 pages with the indicating of the number of a direction) should contain a brief justification of a urgency of a solved problem, exposition of an existing reserve, affirming of presence of necessary inventory (for experimental operations) and the program of realization of operations.

The represented request should be supported by the principal of the relevant direction. Time of realization of the design – the second half-year 2003. The brief questionnaire and card of the participant of competition should be affixed on the request. The questionnaire should contain, besides a surname, a name and a patronymic of the participant, the information as answers to the following items:

  1. The list of scientific and scientific - methodical operations (monographies, textbooks and manuals, papers, patents, methodical publications).
  2. The enumeration of reports (theses of reports) at conferences, with the indicating of a title, a place of holding, a rank of conference and an aspect of the report.
  3. Guiding by grants (including research, publishing, travel grants, grants on training of young scientists, etc.) or other operations.
  4. Participation in grants or other operations as the executor.
  5. A mean score in subjects of a natural-science cycle (for students).
  6. Other materials on a theme of the request under the discretion of participants of competition.

The card should contain:

  1. First name, middle initial, last name (completely, in Russian and English languages)
  2. Date of a birth.
  3. Nameplate data (a series, the number, date of output by whom it is given)
  4. The address on a registration (with an index). The house. Phone.
  5. The working address with the indicating of subdividing and phone.
  6. A post, research rank (for students and post-graduate students – faculty and course)
  7. E-mail for operative connection.

The questionnaire should be signed by the participant of competition.

The total of realization of the grant should be arguing of the obtained outcomes at REC seminar and introducing of the report with application of dublicates of the prepared papers, reports, or the prepared requests for output of patents for the invention or testimonies on the useful models on applied research, or expositions of multimedia development.