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"Wave processes in inhomogeneous and nonlinear media "
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Research principal fields
Nonlinear dynamics of magneto-ordered and ferroelectric structures Wave processes in natural media Theoretical analysis and mathematical modeling of wave processes in inhomo-geneous and nonlinear media

Nonlinear dynamics of magneto-ordered and ferroelectric structures

Within the framework of the first mentioned research field, experimental and theoretical studies of the nonlinear phenomena in ferroics are carried out.

Characteristics of nonlinear interaction of magnetic acoustic waves in weak ferromagnetics are determined. The nonlinear phenomena of spin waves are investigated: formation of light and dark envelope solitons, formation of ultra-short pulses, bistable phenomena in nonlinear resonators, processes of parametric amplification of spin waves.

Processes of nonlinear acoustic wave generation at combined frequencies, parametric reversal of wave front of acoustic beams, acoustic Fourier images formation are investigated. Methods of acoustic diagnostics of materials for electronic devices with the application of the phenomenon of wave front reversal are developed. Theoretical research of self-induced wave processes in nonlinear active media, including semiconductor structures, plasma discharges and neural tissue are carried out.

New technologies of thin-film heterostructure production are developed on the basis of materials with controlled nanostructure. The nonlinear optical, resonant and wave phenomena in such structures are investigated. Theoretical research of bulk and surface waves in thin ferroic plates are carried out on the basis of the theory of singularities and the post-critical phenomena. Stochastic oscillation modes in devices with nonlinear elements are analyzed.

Wave processes in natural media

Within the framework of the second research area acoustic tomography methods of shelf zone of the ocean and continental lithosphere are developed.

Construction of models is carried out for background and soliton-like internal waves in a shelf zone of the ocean. The theory is developed for a sound propagation in conditions of real anisotropy of the oceanic shelf zone.

Geodynamic properties of the geological medium are studied on the basis of characteristics of the wave processes provoked by weak earthquakes and explosions. A new method for constructing models of lithosphere mechanical properties is proposed on the basis of experimental data analysis for seismic wave processes. On the basis of the field research data, a catalogue of local earthquakes of Voronezh region was compiled.

New methods of information transfer are developed based on the use of complex stochastic or super broadband wave processes in inhomogeneous media under conditions of a priori parametrical uncertainty. The probability of existence of ionosphere channels for radio wave propagation through sporadic ?-layer and overlying layers of the ionosphere is determined. Regularities of influence of ionosphere fluctuations on propagation of radio signals are determined theoretically which enable explaining the nature of physical and chemical processes in the E-layer of the ionosphere and facilitate the quality improvement of long-distance radio communication.

The nonlinear phenomena in atomic gases in strong laser fields are studied. Regularities of new methods for generation of coherent electromagnetic waves in UV and soft X-ray range are analyzed. The theory is developed for the above-threshold ionization in nonlinear interaction of atoms with strong laser radiation. Theoretical backgrounds are given for the laser field interaction with atoms cooled and trapped in the optical lattice used for high-precision atomic spectroscopy based on the frequency mixing processes and for the development of new generation of the time-frequency standards (“atomic clock”).

Theoretical analysis and mathematical modeling of wave processes in inhomogeneous and nonlinear media

Within the framework of the third research field mathematical models and nonlinear equations, describing wave processes in inhomogeneous and nonlinear media are investigated. The analysis of mathematical models of wave processes with the use of topological and variational methods of the nonlinear analysis is carried out. Iterative methods are developed for solving equations sets of super-large dimension. New optimum methods are proposed for approximation and reconstruction of functionals and operators. The reverse problem of spectrum analysis is studied for wave operators. Probabilistic methods are developed for studying wave processes in complex inhomogeneous media.

The general problem for all the specified areas of studies is the acquisition of long-term innovation results. The new achievements of the REC applicable for a practical use are the results of studies of nonlinear properties of thin-film ferroelectric materials intended for application in memory devices, information on the possibility of the use of polar dielectrics as "cold" emitters and as the basic element in surface acoustic wave devices.

The REC staff members have designed and constructed a pre-production model of a sound generator based on the use of magnetic hydrodynamic effect (stimulated by an alternating electric field movement of conducting liquid). The possibility is formulated and justified for laser generation in gamma range on the basis of certain isotopes of atomic nuclei.