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"Wave processes in inhomogeneous and nonlinear media "
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The program of the REC activities in the field of education includes designing the system of open education related with the research field and fundamental education programs of the REC. Within the framework of this activity on the VSU basis the information and education portal «http://www.moodle.vsu.ru» – “Voronezh e-university” was created with the necessary software, information and methodical support. Access to databases is substantially expanded in international computer networks and international educational resources. Conducted creation of VSU e-library.

In 2002 a 20-processor high-performance computing cluster has been installed and put into operation in Voronezh State University while implementing the REC development program. Association of its capacities with the regional part of Russian informational and educational environment (IEE) on the basis of the educational portal “Voronezh virtual university” considerably increases possibilities of computer modeling of complex processes and carrying out resource-consuming computations. Establishment of high-efficiency computing laboratory on the basis of this cluster and its inclusion into IEE creates the new informational environment for scientific research in the Voronezh region and in its surroundings.

The laboratory of high- performance computing is integrated with the laboratory of distance education of VSU on the basis of a network for high-speed access to their resources. On their basis the universal educational and scientific complex is organized, which offers classes, scientific seminars, as well as software development for research implementation that requires the resources of the computer cluster and of a systems with remote access. Integration of the high-speed cluster with the “http:// Voronezh.openet.ru” education portal provides conditions for carrying out complex computer experiments in the teaching process.

The operation of the REC contributes to strengthening and upgrading teaching facilities in the basic sciences. New elective courses related with the subjects studied at the REC were created. They are provided with the necessary classrooms, teaching aids and open access to the telecommunication networks. New specialist’s and master’s degree programs are being certified. Curricula for programs relevant to the REC studies are developed and updated.

New special courses and special workshops for graduate and undergraduate students, cycles of popular lectures on modern achievements of natural sciences for high school students and elementary school pupils are developed and carried out. New textbooks and manuals (including multimedia editions) are prepared and published on the REC subjects.

Within the framework of educational activities of the REC, the integration of hi-tech engineering education with fundamental classical university education is conducted. In the field of multilevel education system development (bachelors, masters), integrated into Anglo-Saxon education system, conditions are created for acquiring of bilateral (Russia - USA) higher education diplomas.

The REC develops programs for training specialists for its partner industrial enterprises: Design office of chemical production automation, Federal science and production Center “Voronezh scientific research institute of communication”, Committee of natural resources of Voronezh region etc.