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Creating VSU e-library

In VSU the electronic library, heat-sink in itself created by teachers and employees of university manifold information and education-methodical materials in the electronic form is created. Besides the function of accumulation and storage of resources, the electronic library submitives the complex of unified resources of bibliographic exposition, cataloguing and access control to these resources. As the environment for implementation of the electronic library software of a mega-portal of the Russian informational - educational environment of e-learning education are used www.openet.ru and virtual representation of VSU in a portal of Voronezh virtual university Voronezh.openet.ru.

Possibilities of e-library of virtual university allow to realize overlapping of any resource arranged in it with a concrete training course. It enables to shape electronic complexes of education and methodical support on disciplines of curricula of specialities and directions on which tutoring at university is carried on. Such complexes include unfolded curriculums on disciplines, control and measuring materials (resources of a current and total control of knowledge; the problems defining minimum valid level of knowledge; resources of a control of residual knowledge, etc.). Full-text electronic educational and methodical materials, references to the educational literature available in the university scientific library, and, at last, the developed on-line electronic courses used for remote support of the educational process, both in independent, and in synchronous and asynchronous modes. Unfolded expositions of the resources arranged in the database of virtual representation VSU, are open for wide access through the integral directory of a mega-portal www.openet.ru. The portal submitives controls access of users to such resources, including the mechanism of their registration as the readers trained or teachers, and also support of private affairs, storage of the information on used resources and a course of tutoring in the environment of virtual university.

Now in VSU e-library it is disposed about 500 different teaching materials which majority represents full-text electronic variants of educational and methodical manuals issued by VSU teachers. Besides at university experience of development of e-learning courses in program - tool LearningSpace 5 environment of Lotus corporation is accumulated. 24 courses are created and disposed. Began their practical usage in the educational process at faculty of computer sciences, physical, chemical faculties and faculty of improvement of professional skill. Software of LearningSpace system ensure the multifunction interface of training courses, organization of collective operation of pupils and quality control of tutoring. Created courses are used both for e-learning process, and for self-maintained operation of students and as addition to traditional forms of tutoring. Education-information resources on sections of theoretical physics and higher mathematics are generated: "Electrodynamics", "Quantum mechanics", "Quantum computers", "Differential equations", "Elements of the linear and common algebra", "The complex variable function theory", and also a number of courses on computer science: "The computer architecture", "Information networks", etc. Practice of application of these courses shows, that they allow to increase quality of preparation on these disciplines of students of all separations, including trainees in remote VSU branches, and also to provide operation of systems of e-learning and open derivation.

Within the framework of the specialized laboratory of open VSU derivation organized at support of Fund CRDF and the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation, the electronic collection of educational video data which together with summaries is disposed on university Web-page is created also.