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"Wave processes in inhomogeneous and nonlinear media "
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Reports of REC participants at a scientific-educational seminar in 2002 and 2003:

Date Report subject Reporter
27.02.2002 Geomagnetic diagnostic of subsurface waves Prof. B.A. Zon
13.03.2002 Effectiveness of transmission of the information on the basis of usage of stochastic prior parametric indeterminacy carrying in requirements Prof. A.P. Trifonov
19.03.2002 Subsurface waves and the bound with them of a problem Assoc. Prof. B.G. Katsnelson
27.03.2002 Threshold appearances in a harmonic generation and nonlinear ionization of atoms Prof. N.L. Manakov
17.04.2002 Geomechanics of large lift-offs Assoc. Prof. L.I. Nadezhka
15.05.2002 Cut of Poincare and dimensionality of the strange attractor of random oscillations. The experimental approach Assoc. Prof. A.M. Soloduha
22.05.2002 The communications of single-mode optical fibers with a Bragg ultrasonic lattice Sr. st. sci. V.A. Shulgin
29.05.2002 Chaotic oscillations in a head loop (circuit) with the ferroelectric capacitor Prof. S.N. Drozhdin
05.06.2002 About the nature of origin of inconvertible asynchronous (multimode) auto-oscillations Assoc. Prof. V.I. Neprintsev
11.09.2002 Topological method of examination of acoustic waves in chips Jr. st. sci. D.A. Vorotnikov
18.09.2002 Duffing equation, the strange attractors and the recursion solutions Prof. A.I. Perov
25.09.2002 About the nonlinear theory of capillary waves Cnd. Phys. and Math. Scs D.L. Dorofeev
02.10.2002 Effects of feeble magnetic fields in inhomogeneous condensed mediums Prof. M.N. Levin
09.10.2002 Outcomes of field expedition"Veduga" on study of seismic wave processes Assoc. Prof. L.I. Nadezhka
16.10.2002 Spatial and frequency effects at distribution of acoustic waves at ocean at presence of interior solitons Assoc. Prof. B.G. Katsnelson
23.10.2002 VSU computer cluster complex for high-performance parallel evaluations. Structure, possibilities, software and methods of evaluations Assoc. Prof. S.D. Kurgalin,
Progr. S.V. Pobezhimov,
Admin. V.S. Aleksandrov
30.10.2002 Stable oscillations in systems with hysteresis nonlinearities Cnd. Phys. and Math. Scs M.E. Semenov
13.11.2002 Method of a multipolar pseudopotential for approximations Hartri-Fock-Slater and a nonlinear wave equation Cnd. Phys. and Math. Scs J.V. Zasorin
20.11.2002 The analysis of threshold effects at machining signals in requirements of parametric prior indeterminacy Cnd. Phys. and Math. Scs E.V. Pronyaev
27.11.2002 Ground waves in polydomain ferroelectric materials Prof. B.M. Darinsky
04.12.2002 On paths to simulated sense of smell: dipoles - anions – new plant of examinations of chemical physics Prof. B.A. Zon
19.02.2003 Bifurcations of periodic waves in a spring beam on the elastic foundation Prof. J.I. Sapronov
26.02.2003 About spectral theories (linear differential operators, functions and group representations) Prof. A.G. Baskakov
05.03.2003 About random dynamic Prof. J.E. Gliklih
12.03.2003 About one the bound problems of a thermoelasticity Prof. V.P. Orlov
19.03.2003 Stabilizing of tracing and random attractors in mechanical systems with relay lagging control Prof. V.V. Strygin
26.03.2003 Bifurcations of a birth of a cycle of a three-dimensional flow of Navier-Stokes at wavelike exterior perturbation Grad. stud. D.A. Vorotnikov
09.04.2003 Nonlinear processes at local dissolution of metals in electrolytes Prof. I.D. Zartsyn
23.04.2003 Distribution of space waves to a nonlinear elastic medium Prof. N.D. Verveyko
13.05.2003 Chaotic behavior near the ferroelectric phase transition Prof. H. Bajge (Martin Luther University, Halle, Germany)
20.05.2003 Deterministic chaos and stochastic resonance Dr. M. Distelhorst (Martin Luther University, Halle, Germany)
18.06.2003 About strong the continuous cosine - function Prof. V.A. Kostin
17.09.2003 Laser engineering of undular processes in atomic mediums Prof. V.D. Ovsyannikov
1.10.2003 Dynamic hyperpolarizabilities of excited states of hydrogen Assoc. Prof. S.I. Marmo
14.10.2003 Influence of internal waves on sound penetration in the ocean Cnd. Phys. and Math. Scs S.A. Pereselkov
22.10.2003 Interferentional stabilisation of atoms in bichromatic field Prof. M.V. Fyodorov
(RAS General Physics Institute)
5.11.2003 Ridbergh atoms in Tompson-Fermi model Assoc. Prof. A.S. Kornev
19.11.2003 Statistical synthesis, analysis and modelling of complex algorithms of signal handling in non-stable channels Cnd. Phys. and Math. Scs Yu.Ye. Korchagin
3.12.2003 Some properties of polydimensional causative operators Grad. stud. LSTU V.A. Skopin
17.12.2003 Multivaluable representations and differential inclusions Prof. V.V. Obukhovsky
14.01.2004 Domain structure and switch processes in ferroelectrics Prof. A.S. Sidorkin
28.01.2004 Electrone emission from ferroelectrics Prof. A.S. Sidorkin
Assoc. Prof. S.D. Milovidova
11.02.2004 Diffusion upon periodical orbits of chaotic representations Assoc. Prof. V.E. Chernov
25.02.2004 Magnitodynamic pseudo-sound generator Cnd. Phys. and Math. Scs D.L. Dorofeev
10.03.2004 Seismic emission of platform lithosphere I.N. Safronich, L.I. Nadezhda
24.03.2004 About mathematical models of viscoelastometer nonlinear-viscous environments Prof. V.G. Zvyagin
14.04.2004 Spatial-frequent features of sound field in oceanic waveguide Assoc. Prof. B.G. Katsnelson
12.05.2004 Computer simulation of linguistic objects Assoc. Prof. I.E. Voronina
24.06.2004 Some Topics in Acoustic Oceanography Prof. James Lynch
8.09.2004 Amplitude of bichromatic frequency addition by atoms in external field Cnd. Phys. and Math. Scs V.V Chernushkin
8.09.2004 ����� ����������� ���������� ��������� �������������� ��������������� �� ����������� �����-����������� ���������� ��������� ����������� �������� Cnd. Phys. and Math. Scs O.V. Ovchinnikov
22.09.2004 Shtark effect for atomic line intensities Cnd. Phys. and Math. Scs A.A. Kamensky
22.09.2004 Features of wideband acoustic signals in oceanic waveguides in the presence of inner waves Cnd. Phys. and Math. Scs S.A. Pereselkov
06.10.2004 Thermo-stimulated electron emission from TGS crystals Cnd. Phys. and Math. Scs O.V. Rogavenskaya
06.10.2004 Modified Green function in quantum defect method for complex atom polarizability Cnd. Phys. and Math. Scs V.E. Chernova
20.10.2004 Arrested light. Literature overview. Prof. N.K. Manakov
20.10.2004 Internal brake radiation for ? -decay Assoc. Prof. S.D. Kurgalin
03.11.2004 High-performance parallel computation technologies for scientific researches and education in VSU Prof. S.A. Zapryagaev,
Assoc. Prof. S.D. Kurgalin
17.11.2004 Generation of active forms of oxygen in vegetative mitochondrions and role of free oxydation in regulation of this process Doc. Bio. Scs. V.N. Popov
1.12.2004 Qualitative research of two-dimensional autooscillary system reaction on the little sinusoidal impact Grad. stud. O.Yu. Makarenkov
1.12.2004 Atom polarizability with consideration of fine structure Master stud I. Yu. Kretinin
29.12.2004 Dielectric and mechanical relaxation in non-homogeneous polar dielectrics Prof. S.A. Gridnev (VSTU)
23.03.2005 Photon photodetachment from loosely-coupled electron with non-zero momentum Cnd. Phys. and Math. Scs M.V. Frolov
13.04.2005 Electron-atom scattering in intensive laser field Cnd. Phys. and Math. Scs A.V. Flegel
27.04.2005 Brake radiation in Kulon field Cnd. Phys. and Math. Scs A.A. Krylovetsky
11.05.2005 Electronic structure of silicon and silicon-metal nanostructures Ass. VSTU Cnd. Phys. and Math. Scs N.S. Pereslavtseva
25.05.2005 Comparison analysis between scientific research management systems in Russian and American universities Prof. �.�.�����